“This book bucks the trend of specificity and starts with reviewing basic thougths with an intent to make the audience think about their choices. A great start! Read it if you are starting the process of choosing a university.” – Professor Alistair McGuire, Department of Social Policy, London School of Economics

“Readers will likely find the layout, language and methods more relevant and inspiring than older publications such as ‘What Colour Is Your Parachute?’.” – Simply Learning Tuition 

“Invaluable advice for potential students” – Helen True, Editor of What Uni?

“As a teacher and education consultant by background, I feel confident that this book will be tremendously useful to many young people – its advice is sound, its tone engaging. The book will also be of use to parents or teachers who are in a position of advising and guiding young people as they make higher education and career choices.”- E. Page 

“A clear plan for helping you succeed. I like the lucid account, the bullet points and the succinct way information is given.” – D. Nagra

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