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Is there a future for higher education?

There is so much discussion about how to ‘fix’ higher education. Most proposed solutions are based on individuals’ personal past experiences; hardly the best way to address a topic that will evolve in 5 -10 years in an unprecedented way. … Continue reading

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b4iapply to college: FREE to Download until Monday Sep 23

Hello b4iapply readers, I am happy to announce that the ‘b4iapply to college‘ ebook will be FREE to download until this Monday September 23. Please share this message with anybody who might benefit. Thank you all, Korina Karampela Founder of … Continue reading

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UCAS Clearing: Six (rather harsh) Choices to Make

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The A-level results day is looming.  Most students will be very happy with the news. Those who won’t achieve the required grades, they will have to take some decisions.  As George Clooney’s character Chris Kelvin…

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Are Liberal Arts Degrees Still Valuable?

Korina Karampela talks to Sheila Curran and Suzanne Greenwald – the co-authors of the ‘Smart Moves for Liberal Arts Grads‘ – about the value of liberal arts education and whether it has changed due the recent economic recession. How can … Continue reading

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Higher Education: Let’s Face the Facts

Here’s the paradox. On the one hand, young graduates can’t find jobs. On the other, employers complain that they can’t find candidates with the necessary entry-level skills. At the same time, tuition fees have increased considerably at both sides of … Continue reading

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