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Imagine the Future; the art of forecasting can be useful not only for corporations but also for individuals

Corporations are used to think about the future. They put effort in understanding the different trends, identify various scenarios and have a concrete plan for each of them. They usually have a base case scenario (the most likely one to … Continue reading

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Should Private Wealth Fund Public Debt?

It is widely reported that 1% of the population owns as much as the poorest 50%. However, when there are suggestions to increase the taxes of the very wealthy individuals and their corporations, the usual answer is that this will … Continue reading

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Working from Home: Output Matters

The Covid-19 pandemic forced many people to work from home. Working habits that have developed for years suddenly were not applicable anymore.  You don’t commute to the office. You don’t sit next to your co-workers. Chats around the water-cooler is … Continue reading

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Focus on What You can Control

Many things that happen to us are simply outside our control, even when we put a lot of energy and hard work to influence the outcome. How we react though to the new circumstances, it is within our control. Sounds … Continue reading

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Do you have a Growth or a Fixed Mindset?

Do you believe that your  important abilities (e.g. intelligence, creativity, empathy, leadership skills, etc) are fixed traits and cannot be changed or that they can grow and improve? Are you focusing more on ‘how smart you are’ or on ‘how you … Continue reading

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