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Is ‘Good Enough’ What You Should Strive For?

In a relentless competitive environment, people get overworked; they get involved in many initiatives, their calendar is full with meetings, and the beeping from the incoming emails goes on constantly. In order to cope, the concept of ‘good enough to … Continue reading

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Don’t Give Feedback – Ask for It

I wanted to give some feedback to a colleague since some team members made me aware of a recent situation that was far from optimal.  I thought it was a good opportunity for coaching. When I raised it with the … Continue reading

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Stop Having New Year’s Resolutions

At the beginning of January, most of us have a list of New Year’s resolutions. It feels good to start the year with all the things we would like to do differently this time.  After a few days of indulging … Continue reading

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b4iapply redefined

When I founded b4ipply in 2011, I was very keen to help young people to make more informed decisions about what they choose to study at the university. The trigger was the significant increase of tuition fees in the UK … Continue reading

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As the retirement age increases, how can you get better prepared for the future? (Part 2)

During the previous blog post, we discussed how to make a ‘back of the envelop’ calculation of potential income after retirement versus future expenses. Most of us will be shocked by the findings.  We will realize that we will either have … Continue reading

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