The Six Essential Elements to Consider Before You Apply to College

You have invested a lot of time discussing what to study with family and friends and researching online.

Here are the Six Essential Elements you need to consider before you apply.

  1. Study a subject that will help you get your dream job. You really don’t want to end up with a big loan and a job that you don’t enjoy.
  2. Make sure you choose a career where your natural strengths are used. In this way, you will enjoy what you will be doing and you will be great at it.
  3. Talk to people in the sector you are interested in having a career. It is only by talking to people you will understand what the job really entails, what the things that you need to check are, what challenges you may face.
  4. If you are passionate about a subject, go for it.
  5. If you are not passionate about a specific area, study a subject that will increase your employability.
  6. Take responsibility for your future. You will be the one who will bear the implications of this decision.

The bottom line: whatever you decide to study, you need to become an expert on it if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Korina Karampela is the founder of b4iapply, author of 2 books, consultant and speaker.

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