What to study at college? New challenges call for new strategies

What do you want to study at college? is the question I ask all the teenagers I get the opportunity to meet. The majority of you are honest enough to tell me that you have no idea! I completely understand you. It is not an easy decision to make.

At the same time, you  have started realizing some unpleasant facts in addition to the increasing student debt you will accumulate due to higher tuition fees:

  •  A college degree does not guarantee you a job anymore. It only increases your chances and you need to have realistic expectations of what a degree can offer you.
  • Job prospects vary widely across majors and this must impact how you decide on what and where to study.

The world is changing fast, culturally and economically.  New challenges call for new strategies.

Before you apply to uni, think whether this course will help you get the career you want. If not, think again!

Traditionally, the approach to pursuing higher education focused on selecting a good university – in the current economic climate, this approach is no longer effective.   You need to think long-term. You will be better off by identifying what career you want to pursue and choose a major that will help you make this happen.

University is not an end in itself; it is the means to achieve the career you want.

In order though to find early enough the direction you want to head in, you need to invest time and effort in your research asap; with the same discipline you invest your time and effort to get the grades required.

If you get it wrong, it will take you time and money to change it (I have experienced this first hand). If you get it right though, you will have a meaningful career and fulfilling life. Getting off to a good start is key to your success.

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